Allround workaholic

Kelliegårdens D-litter, born: 08-08-20

e. CMM's Kvikk

Kvikk is a great dog. Alot of stamina and very much "will to please". He was qualified for the Swedish Championship 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He is also SBCH(Swedish Champion in forest seek)



u. KPY Min

Min is a really strong dog with alot of style and ALOT of stamina. She was qualified to the Swedish nursery final 2007 and also to the Working dog final 2007. She missed the finals because she had a big surgery on her knee. That's why we decided to mate her now to recover really from that. She had one litter before (our R-litter) and they look really promising. Se our own Rap from that litter.


  Dix Don Daff Dez Dell
Regnr. V1710/2008 V1711/2008 V1712/2008 V1713/2008 V1714/2008

Andreas Olofsson & Jessica Bengtsson


Ronny Schuldt  Halmstad Elisabeth Reinholdt Danmark Nils-Rune Larsson Kungsbacka Linda Jonsson  Svedala
Färg Trefärgad Trefärgad Trefärgad Trefärgad Trefärgad
Kön H H H T T
HD A A C(ska röntgas om pga slapp led) A B
Ögon ua ua ua ua ua

 Godkänd vallhund

Startat IK2


GK vallhund 

1:a pris och vinster IK1

Resultat i Skottland

2:a Fårforcup 2011

WINNER unghundscupen (Nursery finals) 2011

Kvalificerad SM samt Sverigecupen 2012

Lydnad  Uppflyttad klass III  Uppflyttad klass III

 Uppflyttad klass III

DKlydnads champion

Uppflyttad Elit Uppflyttad klass II 
Bruks  Uppflyttad lägre spår  Uppfylltad ELIT spår   Uppfylltad högre spår  

Vinst agilityklass II

Vinster o uppflyttad agilityklass I

Placeringar i UK

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