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Kelliegårdens F-litter, born: 2009-06-07
e. Kelliegårdens Rap
Rap 20 månader
Rap is a great dog. Alot of stamina and very much "will to please". He is a young dog that is very promising. He comes from very interesting pedigree.
u. Kelliegårdens Meg

Meg is a really strong dog with alot of style and ALOT of stamina. Meg is a fantastic intensive bitch that I really like alot.. She started her trial season 2007 very well but then she started to be very unequal. We went to the vet and it showed that Meg has an heart muscel inflammation. Meg is retired from sheep trials. This heart muscel inflammation is not genetic,, it comes from an anaplasma infection:-(

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Regnr. REGV1568/2009 REGV1569/2009 REGV1570/2009 REGV1571/2009 REGV1572/2009
Ägare Ann - Sofie Englund Hudiksvall   Emma Johansson Vedevåg Jeanette Ahlin Bollebygd   Grete Hansen Danmark  Lena Dahlberg Hultsfred
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